You wish to bleed, and so do I

But have you thought, what it is to die

Beyond your mortal sorrow and insignificant pain

Lies a whole world, waiting to gain

A hidden insight, to your path

The many things, which make you laugh

The bird’s song, the lover’s embrace

The warm sun as you’re encased

Can you fathom, what will be

If you forsake these things for eternity

Despite your faith, we really can’t know

Just where it is, that you will go

All the love, encompassing the earth

All the passion, merriment and mirth

Is it so difficult, for you to see

The problem resides in you, not me

So take those pills, and off you trot

Towards the dank earth, and the rot

While all above you, may not see

That place you hold inside of me

I will follow wherever you tread

Be it in the Land of the Living, or the Dead



The Eyes

Gaze into the deepest eyes

Attempt at once to lift the disguise

Fondness that forever grows

Feelings you will never show

Murky haze begins to lift

Darkness unravels you start to drift

Discover that you’ve always known

There is only one true home

In the arms of another

The warm caress of a lover

Final Ending

I write of love, I write of loss

Though recently there is a cost

A cost to others causing harm

Things that bring me to bear arms

Someday fool you will pay

For all the misdeeds you call play

You choose to belittle those weaker

And even worse, a wife beater

Show your face around the place

I will follow, at a steady pace

A deep crevice, a dark alley

I will add you to the tally

Heartily we all will sing

Of the child that felt the sting

A final ending for us all

All it takes is one call

This Is Not A Love Poem

Distances sink as feelings grow

Every now and then, you they’ll know

Powers that be try to persuade

Though you won’t keep your emotions in the shade

Honesty is the key to all

Hopefully then you will not fall

For fading into a gaping abyss

Can be prevented, with just a kiss

As perhaps the lingering lips

Will help to cause a endlessness

To the emotional bond that’s shown

And all you have, will be theirs to own

Pull The Plug

Pull the plug this merry night

End the joyless, senseless plight

Bleed again, just one more time

Fill the bed with crimson grime

No injustice to those that are near

Instead allay, many a few fear

A burden liften from all

Some might not receive a call

But in oblivion is where I wish

To wrestle with demons, and be granted a final kiss

In my grand finale of claret

Like a donkey, and his carrot

Begging, pleading just to die


They speak of beauty, and of loss

But we wonder at what cost

Beauty emanates from within

But even so it is no sin

To appreciate the outer layer

And contemplate, their behaviour

For saddening it is to see

And infuriating it is to me

That at times these precious people

Are lead astray by naivety

Of those that lack common decency

Understanding lacked by some

This will surely come undone

When the precious find someone


Mortality is the strangest thing

At times it causes people to sing

And gaze and stare and wonder why

Or if there is someone in the sky

Some obsessed, some possessed

But I for one, couldn’t care less

For we all know we are to die

Just not how, or if, or why

But trust yourself so vainly

And enjoy what you have, contagiously


<4th November, 2014>