You wish to bleed, and so do I

But have you thought, what it is to die

Beyond your mortal sorrow and insignificant pain

Lies a whole world, waiting to gain

A hidden insight, to your path

The many things, which make you laugh

The bird’s song, the lover’s embrace

The warm sun as you’re encased

Can you fathom, what will be

If you forsake these things for eternity

Despite your faith, we really can’t know

Just where it is, that you will go

All the love, encompassing the earth

All the passion, merriment and mirth

Is it so difficult, for you to see

The problem resides in you, not me

So take those pills, and off you trot

Towards the dank earth, and the rot

While all above you, may not see

That place you hold inside of me

I will follow wherever you tread

Be it in the Land of the Living, or the Dead



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