Mortality is the strangest thing

At times it causes people to sing

And gaze and stare and wonder why

Or if there is someone in the sky

Some obsessed, some possessed

But I for one, couldn’t care less

For we all know we are to die

Just not how, or if, or why

But trust yourself so vainly

And enjoy what you have, contagiously


<4th November, 2014>


3 thoughts on “Mortality

  1. Very cool how you’re channeling the energy. I’m going through the same situation… I’d not had a manic episode for years, and then suddenly started having manic and hypomanic episodes like crazy. So I’ve been furiously making all kinds of art, origami, writing, cooking… pretty much anything I can do to keep myself away from my credit card, because when I’m manic I want to buy a thousand articles of clothing. 😛 Anyway, I think poetry is a rad outlet, and it’s interesting to have items you wrote explicitly and exclusively when you were/are manic.


    1. Thank you 🙂 It doesn’t particularly matter to me how good or bad it is, as you’ve said, it’s an outlet. It keeps me from running rampant.
      It’s good you have an artistic side to turn to as well though! And don’t worry, my bank account takes quite a hit during my episodes as well, and things get sold etc. I no longer have an Xbox for example. I tend to spend a lot just going out to bars and coffee shops etc. mostly alone.
      I hope you come through to the other side of the episode soon! 🙂


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