Merlot Critters

There’s a bug in my Merlot

Whatever will I do, when to my Grandfather I will show

My Grandfather’s dead you know

But what of the Merlot

To the bug, “Will you know. By the intoxication that I show, how many joys, it is, that I have known?”

The bug will no doubt reply – “You fool, intoxication I know, for in your wine I did sleep. And many times I’ve watched you weep, but little joy I’ve seen you seek”

“But bug, my heart is light, and many times within this night, have I counted my blessings and praised All”

“However, my friend,” the bug may reply. “ What ill fortune on your merriest of nights, did bring myself to your fine wine?”

“Ill fortune I must object, for in your unfortunate flight, you happened to land upon an inebriated foe, to shatter your misgivings and help you glow”

“Fool, I am a mortal bee, and this intoxication is killing me. Glowbugs are the ones you seek, for in their veins does seep – an illuminating desire, to fly ever higher”

“Your thoughts are sad, and it does show, so how about, showing me this glow?”

So up above, the unbelieving bee did, soar, and at the heavens, heard a roar

“How dare you glow, my little chum. For it is my creation, undone”

Upon this realisation, the bee did cease to glow

And fell to the Devil, far below

“Welcome friend, for I have seen, what all the others, deem obscene. You’ve come so far, little bug, and great fortune brought you snug, to that magnificent Merlot

“And now it is you that knows, the power in your mind – forever grows”



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