Kitty Kitty Gum Drops

A Kitten prances, dances, above the mine

Dancing and twirling, she feels divine

Hidden below a golden globe

Of purest white gold, it seems to glow

A miner gazes up above

Beholding in her beauty, what he mistakes for a Dove

He returns to work, for what he seeks

Diamonds glint, as once did Uriah Heep

Collecting sparkles, he crawls along

When to his surprise he finds a sphere

Purest white, it seemed to he, would suit the Dove for eternity

Climbing above he finds a friend –

Who’ll shine the valuables, to no end

And upon completion, he meets a Kitten

To Whom, to his surprise, he is quite smitten

When mentioning of the globe, they both are bound –

To face eternity, safe and sound



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